When does the submission period end?

All submissions must be received by August 31st, 2016, 24:00 h.

When does the submission period start?

You can submit your story right away.

What format does your contribution have?

We want you to describe your project or case in the provided submission sheet. Moreover, you illustrate your project or idea by means of a short 3-minute video (3 minutes is the maximum duration!) that you upload on YouTube. The link to your project will have to be included in your submission sheet.

What languages can be used for your story?

Your project can be only in English. But we also accept submission in your national language with English subtitles.

What do you have to prepare for taking part in the award?

Please prepare the following materials:

  • completed submission form in English

  • the link to your film (uploaded beforehand e.g. on YouTube)

  • digital photograph of all team members – make sure you send a digital photograph of your project group. We want to see everyone who took part in the project.

How do you submit?

Please use the submission form on our website and include the link to your film.

What do we expect of your contribution?

  • The authors are children/adolescents between 14 and 19 years old (You will have to put the age of each team member into the submission sheet – younger or older participants won’t be accepted and can be disqualified at any time).

  • You describe your project, concept or idea in the provided form and illustrate it in a short film of max. 3 minutes.

  • Your project, concept or idea is on engaging in climate change action, key outcomes of your action and its success in meeting the climate change challenge locally.

  • You can describe a project that has already been carried out or is still in the planning process. You can also describe a concept or idea that could potentially be carried out if you had the chance to do so.

  • In any case, you should:
    – show in how far your project or idea makes a difference;
    – follow scientific principles;
    – describe the impact of your project or idea.

Can adults, such as teachers, be members of the team?

Adults, e.g. teachers, can supervise the activities. In addition, the team can and should of course work with adults of all ages and social groups. However, these adults are not members, but partners of the team.

Who can compete for the GREEEN award?

Participation is open to pupils between 14 and 19 years old as individuals or a group or class who live in one of the following countries:

28 Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey.

We expect participants to make a correct self-declaration of their age!

What can you win at the GREEEN competition?

You can win

  • A three-day trip to Kassel, Germany (10 to 12 October 2016) to discover Kassel and to meet European students

Up to three teams consisting of up to four representatives per nominated project (students and teachers/supervisors) will be invited to Kassel.

The prize can neither be consumed at a later point in time nor redeemed in cash.

Who will be invited to Germany?

Up to three teams consisting of up to four representatives per nominated project (students and teachers/supervisors) will be invited to Kassel.

The prize can neither be consumed at a later point in time nor redeemed in cash.

Who determines the winners?

The selection of the best projects is a three-step process:

  1. A jury will determine the ten best projects, concepts or ideas.
  2. These ten will be published on our Facebook page for public vote.
  3. Public votes and jury’s votes will be combined together (50% public vote + 50% jury’s vote) to decide on the finalists.


How do you know you’ve won?

We will get in touch with the contact persons of the ten nominated projects in early September 2016. These projects stand a good chance of winning. These projects will be published on our GREEEN Facebook page and the public vote together with the jury’s vote will decide on the three best projects.

When will the GREEEN award ceremony take place?

The award ceremony will take place between 10 and 12 October 2016 in Kassel, Germany

What conditions do you accept by submitting a project?

By submitting a project, you accept our terms and conditions set out in the respective section “terms and conditions“.

Who or what is GREEEN?

GREEEN is a Comenius project funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme and stands for Green Environment Education European Network

Who are the organisers of the competition?

The GREEEN award is organised by the project partnership GREEEN consisting of:

Landkreis Kassel, Germany

BUPNET GmbH, Germany

THS Baunatal, Germany

HAK 1 Wels, Austria

ENTER GmbH, Austria

Duca degli Abruzzi, Italy

Source International, Italy

KZS Dabas, Hungary

Aizputes Secondary School, Latvia

VMU, Lithuania

Värmdö Gymnasium, Sweden

METU (Middle East Technical University), Turkey

METU Development Foundation High School, Turkey

CECE, Spain

OCEAN, Greece

KnowlEdge, Italy

Any further questions

Please write in English to: award@greeen-eu.net

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