In the 3-years project (Dec 2013- Nov 2016) the GREEEN partners will:

  • Create an overview of the current situation in climate change education in the participating member states and beyond;
  • Exchange good practice models as basis for generating new approaches (GREEENHOUSE);
  • Implement the European GREEEN Award and a number of other events such as webinars, training days, expert talks, national and European conferences etc.;
  • Develop a sound modular concept to tackle the issue of climate change and climate change adaptation both on the curricular and on the extracurricular level;
  • Extend the European network and involve relevant stakeholders (interdisciplinary and transnational organisations of students, teachers and other educational stakeholders);
  • Give guidance for mainstreaming climate change education into school curricula;
  • Promote strategic valorisation via inclusion of major regional, national and European networks and stakeholders.