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Young Reporters for the Environment

This website is about international competition 2011. It covers many topics such as agriculture, biodiversity, climate change and energy. The winners of the competition and their works -articles and photographs- are announced in this website. The competition is open to students aged 12 to 18 years who report on an environmental problem in their community via print or photography and in some countries video. Nationally, young reporters can participate individually or as a class.



Comenius Project CO2nnect – School campaign on transport and climate change

Available in all European languages!!!

The project CO2nnect:

«The international campaign CO2nnect: CO2 on the way to school
provides schools with a unique opportunity to provide high quality
Education for Sustainable Development.»

Bård Vegar Solhjell, The Norwegian Minister of Education

Pupils need wide competencies to meet the challenges of sustainable development – including climate change. The CO2nnect activities are designed to support learning that can provide pupils with abilities, skills, attitudes and awareness as well as knowledge and understanding of the issues.

The activities can easily be adapted to a range of age groups and linked to the curricula of many subjects