What do we expect of your contribution?

  • The authors are children/adolescents between 14 and 19 years old (You will have to put the age of each team member into the submission sheet – younger or older participants won’t be accepted and can be disqualified at any time).

  • You describe your project, concept or idea in the provided form and illustrate it in a short film of max. 3 minutes.

  • Your project, concept or idea is on engaging in climate change action, key outcomes of your action and its success in meeting the climate change challenge locally.

  • You can describe a project that has already been carried out or is still in the planning process. You can also describe a concept or idea that could potentially be carried out if you had the chance to do so.

  • In any case, you should:
    – show in how far your project or idea makes a difference;
    – follow scientific principles;
    – describe the impact of your project or idea.