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Communicative audiences in the climate change issue

Naturvårdsverket (Swedish environmental protection agency), 2008
“Communicative audiences in the climate change issue”

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has as one of their functions to be a hub for climate change and to provide information and knowledge. A communication platform containing a breakdown of communication groups have been developed in which target groups are grouped together by core values in order to support the EPA’s continuing work on climate issues.


In this website, you can find general information about a project developed by TED Eskisehir School. This project is named as “Drop Drop Future” and it emphasize the importance of water on human and living beings. It aims: to construct a sustainable environment awareness among students and to to teach how to use water resources economically.



Sviluppo sostenibile e cambiamenti climatici

Progetto (riconosciuto da DESS sullo sviluppo sostenibile e cambiamenti climatici) rivolto alle scuole secondarie di primo e secondo grado, intende fornire agli studenti gli elementi generali per conoscere le diverse risorse energetiche (rinnovabili e non), la loro origine e le loro caratteristiche e introdurre il principio del risparmio energetico.

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