And the award goes to …

In the second GREEEN award the task was to describe projects or ideas that would illustrate actions, their key outcomes, and their success in meeting the climate change challenge locally.
From the more than 50 submitted projects the European jury and the public vote decided on the three winners.
And the winner are:

How many Rs are enough to stabilize the climate?
submitted 3rd Junior High School of Egaleo, Athens, Greece
Earth belongs to all the creatures which live on it. But only human can destroy or protect it. We decide to protect earth! Let’s join our voices and act together – because all together we have the power to change our world! Anyway, life on Earth will continue with or without mankind …
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School footprint and climate change
submitted CGS, Athens, Greece
After measuring the carbon footprint of our school, we looked for ways to reduce it – wind turbines seem a cheap and efficient solution.
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Alternative energy resources for environmental protection and climate change
submitted by Model High School Evangelika of Smyrna, Greece
We are facing an increase in the temperature of our planet and amount of gases (CO2, CH4), our planet emits danger signals. There are solutions in order to keep balance of energy that are affordable, create enough power, but protect our environment.
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